Monday, 11 February 2013

Using What We Have

I have a couple different types of tea that I enjoy, and the Husband has one alone that he likes. We are out of all of these, and since our local Co-op had to close due to issues with the building, it is 65kms to town for groceries. (We could go 13kms to the nearest town but would pay higher prices). In February, and with two kids to bundle up and haul along, it is my intention to use up what we have before going anywhere.

The tea we still have to drink
There are many reasons to use up these last bags of tea, although we would prefer to go buy our favourites. For one thing, we will be moving in a few months and I can't see packing them up, hauling them, storing them, unpacking them, and then still probably not drinking them. It's either use them up or throw them out. As I mentioned, getting groceries is a distance in the cold, on often slippery roads, with two children. I go once a week or even less often if possible. Until we have a sizable list, we aren't venturing out on the highway at this time of year. Another reason is the cost of fuel and the intent to make the most of our miles. We grab our groceries on the way to gramma's house.

These remnants of tea are just one example of the things I intend to use up before we pack and move. There are a couple bags of rice that we didn't love that eventually worked their way to the back of the pantry, some cans of vegetables, likewise in the freezer. The list goes on. It is easy to just pick up more of our favourites when we get groceries, but if we find ourselves here in a snow storm with what we have, we thankfully use it up. I want us to carry that attitude forward this year: be glad to have it and use it up so that we don't waste time, fuel, money and food.

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