Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Coldest Night of the Year, and a bit about gratitude

How grateful I am.

How grateful I am for my home, my family, my friends. I have the opportunity to build a new home and nurture my hobbies because of my wonderful Husband and two beautiful healthy boys. How grateful...there are no words.

So it is hard to imagine doing without. I have never really done without anything important. I've never felt the pain of abandonment or addiction or the humiliation of "taking a handout". I have always been healthy, had shelter, been fortunate and frankly, I've never even had to work that hard.

Today I'm providing a link to a local cause but I encourage everyone to think about those in the cold near you. I'm going to discuss the problem of homelessness in Lloydminster (and in general) with my 3 year old and we are going to make a monetary donation, as well as clean out the basket of toques that is cluttering the hall closet. While on the subject I will go through the linen closet and take some old blankets to the SPCA. If you have extra to give those who need it, I hope you think of those out in the cold this winter and do something about it.

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