Saturday, 26 October 2013

Welcome Mittens

This post is long-overdue! At the end of August, Husband began working nearby. He hauled the camper home and also brought a surprise for our boys.

Welcome to the family Mittens! I am not a cat fact, this is the first cat I could stand to have around. But I have to admit she is cute. It took awhile to teach the boys not to man-handle her, and she has been patient and never scratches them. She waits at the door to play with them, and comes running to play when they are outside. Ahem....she has even taken to going down the slide, and runs back up the ladder to wait her turn. Marvelous good fun!

Borrowed Time

At this time of year, every nice day feels like borrowed time. Last year we had snow by mid-October and we had dreadful spring storms that kept us buried until the last week of April. It was a long hard winter.

Our lives and my outlook are so different this year--proximity to family, friends, town, neighbours to chat with on the shoulder of the road--we just aren't as lonely. My kids play together now (and fight, but that's a different post!) and I finally feel like I can "turn my back" and get more done while they play or run around. As anyone with small kids will tell you, it is a challenge to stay on top of everything when your kids need you more. Their growing independence is a blessing I am grateful for everyday.

There is so much for us to do before the snow comes. It is forecast for tomorrow, so today I want to do as much as I can and enjoy working in the yard before the weather turns my attention indoors (where there is also so much to do!). The last two weeks have been incredibly productive. Our carpenter turned up one day and built the stairs to my basement (cue the angels singing!) and our doorstep and the small deck off the master bedroom. They built the car garage and my sittin' porch before other jobs beckoned. If all goes well the garage floor concrete will be poured tomorrow and the carpenter will return to finish up once it has cured. Oh my how I will enjoy parking in the garage! In our old house we never managed to park inside--there were always too many things stored out there and too much in the way. This time will be different!

Have I mentioned that there is a lot of rock on this piece of land? I will post more on that later, and include pictures of our many, many rock piles, but suffice it to say I am at work on two raised flower beds made of stone, and I have many more plans for all the rock we are picking, picking, picking!

Some of our rocks. 

My dad has made so many trips over with a tractor to bring the topsoil back into our yard from where it had been piled (pictures to come). Everyday the kids and I have been out there--them playing on their spankin' new swing set and mommy picking rocks or watering trees (that reminds me, there is a post on trees coming soon....once it snows!) I am so enjoying the work outside. I would like to get the two stone beds finished and filled with soil so I can plant the bulbs I have left. And then another winter to draw and dream.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tuesday Is ME Day

My mom is the best. Now that we are living just down the road, she offers to watch my boys every chance she gets. It is wonderful to see how excited they get to go play at grams', and it is wonderful for me to have a bit more time to myself. All of this at a time when my kids are getting easier--they play together more, and everyday they are more independent.

I was able to enroll in a beginner's pottery class on Tuesday evenings, at my mom's suggestion. I drop my kids off with her in the afternoon, go to town and do the running around that I can't seem to get done (or don't want to, with car seats and little helpers to deal with), and then take part in the evening class. The kids sleep over and have a wonderful time. I even get a bit of quiet the next morning before I go get them.

For now it is just a relief to accomplish things in town that are so hard to get done--but my goal is to also add an exercise class of some kind so that my day out is enriching mind, body and soul. If you have kids or responsibilities that seem to bump you to the bottom of the list, I hope that you are able to find a way to put yourself back on top--if only once a week. You are not doing it at the detriment of your family because it will make you happier, more fulfilled, better at your job. If there is a way to do it, do it. And further, if you know a mom or someone who puts others first but rarely gets a break for themselves, perhaps you could drop off a casserole, a gift certificate, offer to babysit or have a sleepover. It does not need to be monetary, in fact, it usually shouldn't be. Taking time to help a friend, to say "I see what you are doing and I would love to help you" might make all the difference for someone and their family. I intend to pay this forward as soon and as often as I can because I can already feel the difference it is making for me and my kids. And we will certainly thank gramma by helping her as much as we can.

Was there ever a time that someone offered to help you and you were blown away by their generosity? Please feel free to share your stories here!

Friday, 4 October 2013

These Days...

Our little family is settling in--settling into a routine, but also into our new/old community. I grew up here, but I wasn't sure what it would be like to come back to stay. I'm so glad that we are all loving it. For me and the kids, we have had company popping by fairly often and it has made the days fly by. No more wondering why we are all grumpy and suddenly realizing it's because we haven't seen anyone, including daddy, in a couple weeks. We can go to gramma's whenever we want, and we do, and she comes here. My aunts have been stopping in, old friendships are being reconnected. We are happy.

We've managed to do some work in the yard but I'm having difficulty getting the pictures from camera to computer (SIGH). I haven't had the time to properly integrate them into the posts I want to write, so it is likely going to be a winter project anyways. Today I just wanted to say hello and post my most recent list things to do in hopes that I can cross most of them off by next week.

  • finish stone wishing well (many more posts to come on that subject!)it's as finished as it can get for this year!
  • print, complete and return paperwork to RRSP company
  • baking: pizza, buns, muffins
  • pizza party with daddy the night before he starts days off
  • drop muffins off at neighbour's, and at friend's who is having her baby today (so excited for her!)  it was a cake, but whatever!
  •  reorganise guest/toy room 
  • Find and buy a wood stove
  • clean windows inside and out
  • figure out a solution to our moth problem (seriously, there are hundreds of tiny moths in this house!)
  • list some items on KIJIJI
  • order pictures on line and do my wall collage of pictures of the kids
Happy weekend everyone!