Saturday, 26 October 2013

Borrowed Time

At this time of year, every nice day feels like borrowed time. Last year we had snow by mid-October and we had dreadful spring storms that kept us buried until the last week of April. It was a long hard winter.

Our lives and my outlook are so different this year--proximity to family, friends, town, neighbours to chat with on the shoulder of the road--we just aren't as lonely. My kids play together now (and fight, but that's a different post!) and I finally feel like I can "turn my back" and get more done while they play or run around. As anyone with small kids will tell you, it is a challenge to stay on top of everything when your kids need you more. Their growing independence is a blessing I am grateful for everyday.

There is so much for us to do before the snow comes. It is forecast for tomorrow, so today I want to do as much as I can and enjoy working in the yard before the weather turns my attention indoors (where there is also so much to do!). The last two weeks have been incredibly productive. Our carpenter turned up one day and built the stairs to my basement (cue the angels singing!) and our doorstep and the small deck off the master bedroom. They built the car garage and my sittin' porch before other jobs beckoned. If all goes well the garage floor concrete will be poured tomorrow and the carpenter will return to finish up once it has cured. Oh my how I will enjoy parking in the garage! In our old house we never managed to park inside--there were always too many things stored out there and too much in the way. This time will be different!

Have I mentioned that there is a lot of rock on this piece of land? I will post more on that later, and include pictures of our many, many rock piles, but suffice it to say I am at work on two raised flower beds made of stone, and I have many more plans for all the rock we are picking, picking, picking!

Some of our rocks. 

My dad has made so many trips over with a tractor to bring the topsoil back into our yard from where it had been piled (pictures to come). Everyday the kids and I have been out there--them playing on their spankin' new swing set and mommy picking rocks or watering trees (that reminds me, there is a post on trees coming soon....once it snows!) I am so enjoying the work outside. I would like to get the two stone beds finished and filled with soil so I can plant the bulbs I have left. And then another winter to draw and dream.

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