Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Crafting for Christmas

My friend and I are making a few items to sell at the local Christmas Craft Sale. It is held at a country hall where two highways intersect. I remember going to the New Year's Ball there as a kid--it seemed so glamorous although it was only the local farmers dressed in their Sunday best. I guess calling it a "Ball" made it more exciting. 

Felt owl inspiration via Pinterest: joyzz.com

My friend and I do not have our hopes up that we will make a lot of money. I tried to sell some crocheting and sewn crafts when my eldest was a year old. I didn't cover the cost of renting the table and, worse, they wouldn't let me leave until the end. They don't like empty tables at their craft sales. I was so homesick for my baby I was having a near-panic attack by the time I got back to my mom's to pick him up. All that for about $12.  SIGH. 

But, this year, it's not about making money. Sure, some cash for our own Christmas would be nice. But I'm more interested in keeping busy and making this an exciting time of year for my kids. How their eyes lit up when I brought out the jar of buttons for them to sort!

I already have the materials to make some felt decorations, and I'm trying not to spend much so that I don't lose money on the venture. If the kids and I spend a bit of time everyday (or almost every day) and I work a bit in the evenings, I should be able to make enough stuff to fill my half of the table. I'm also hoping to finish up some forgotten projects to add to our inventory. A deadline really helps my work ethic in that regard :)

We had our first snowfall yesterday (it melted, thank goodness!) so that motivated me to get started. Have your thoughts turned to Christmas?