Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday Favorite: Newfoundland Dressing

The Husband is from Newfoundland, a place with unique culture, language, and food. For the most part, the people are extremely laid back, friendly, with a great sense of humour. Of course this has been my own experience, but I've never heard anyone say different. It's a wonderful place to visit, and all of this is before you check out the scenery.

Cape Spear: most easterly point in North America

Cape Spear 2007

Fort Amherst, viewed from Signal Hill

Aside from wonderful people and rugged, historical scenery, you haven't experienced Newfoundland until you've tried an authentic Jigs Dinner. This is a traditional Sunday dinner of salt beef boiled with turnip, cabbage, carrot, potato, greens, and peas pudding (yellow lentils). Quite often this feast is accompanied by a turkey and Newfoundland dressing, with gravy. Don't think about your diet, or your heart, and enjoy.
I would be remiss if I didn't include a picture of a lobster
 when talking about Newfoundland cuisine!

Cod, fries, dressing and gravy.
If I had known anyone would ever see this picture I wouldn't have
 added that dark piece of cod!

We love dressing. I make it with pickerel or jack fish, and for our regular holiday meals it has replaced stuffing. This is a big deal for me to admit, as stuffing was always my favourite part of the meal.

To make (4 servings):

 grate fresh bread with cheese grater, approx 3 cups*
melted margarine or butter, just to moisten bread crumbs
1/3 cup of onion, finely chopped
2 Tbsp savoury (we use Mont Scio, available in Newfoundland and Sobey's in western Canada) I hope to grow my own savoury next year.

*do not use dry breadcrumbs. Must use fresh bread! I save my crusts or any dry bread that would otherwise get composted or thrown out.

so easy a three year old can do it!

This is a very approximate recipe and, much like stuffing, anyone who makes it themselves will give you a different one. Our friend often adds cranberries and I've never had dressing that I didn't love. I'm leaving you with one last image, called "Kelly's Arse", found on the rear side of Kelly's Island, in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland.

Have you travelled to (or are you from) Newfoundland? Or, have you replaced a family recipe with one you've picked up travelling? Please share!

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