Friday, 15 February 2013

Drawing and Dreaming

I spent a romantic valentine's evening hovering over graph paper, imagining the view from our covered porch (imagining the covered porch, even, as it won't be built for awhile yet), and picturing a stone path that wanders down the gentle slope, lingering by a pond, then continuing to a firepit adjacent to two, let's make it three, raised beds for vegetables. Ah, 'twas a fulfilling evening of drawing and dreaming.

Right now dreaming is the best I can do. Somewhere beneath five feet of snow is a garden and many, many rocks that will be hauled out to the acreage. Husband is able to scavenge and bring home rocks for me--we have huge ones, pink ones, interesting ones, flat ones, perfectly round ones....of course I didn't think to take pictures before snow covered the yard. Although it will take many years of collecting stones to complete the many projects I'm dreaming of, we have a few to start with and a clean slate to work with.

Until spring arrives there will be much reading and scheming, and posting here so that I don't forget what my plans were!

Are you planning any new beds this spring? What kind of research and planning do you put into a new project?

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