Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Getting Started

To blog or not to blog? It's a thought that has crossed my mind over the past several months...there are a few blogs that I follow that I enjoy very much and the temptation is there to mimic what I like about them. Instead I wish to write for myself, to document the new beginning that my family is embarking on. We have a quarter section of land (the South East quarter of Section 33, as it happens, and hence the name) on the Canadian prairies. This little blog is where I hope to plan, learn, discuss, and share our journey towards a sustainable, green, frugal life together on the land.

Initial plans to go solar and geothermal have been tabled due to the reality of the budget. Our lowest quote on a geothermal system was $30,000 Canadian. Yikes. It so happened that natural gas would be less than $5000 and we felt we had to go the less expensive route at this time. But for those who would have to spend 20-30k bringing gas to their yard sites I do feel geothermal is a no-brainer. Likewise with power--our hopes of going solar and selling power back to the grid have been tabled, for now. It ended up that the extra $14-20,000 necessary to get started in solar needs spent elsewhere. With all the expenses involved in having a home built, my husband and I just couldn't afford to do all the we thought we would do. In the future we do hope to set up a system and become self-sufficient and hopefully sell power back to the grid. For now, our focus is reducing our everyday energy use and planning out our new home and yard throughout the winter months.

Above is the old house in the yard site where we will build a basement and have a Ready-to-Move home hauled in. It was a little sad to see the old place reduced to rubble and then burned and buried. It's been there longer than I remember and is part of my childhood memories. Time marches on, however, and soon that yard with the big old trees will ring again with the laughter of children and the activity of a family.

Have you started a yard and home from "scratch"? Along with the excitement, did you feel nostalgic about the change to the landscape?

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