Monday, 25 February 2013

Our Wish House

The point of this blog is to organize my plans for the acreage we will build and move to in the summer of 2013. My goal is to record our progress for my own satisfaction, and perhaps provide some examples, resources, links, how-tos and "what-not-tos" for any interested readers.

This past summer we made several trips to the acreage site to plan, measure, dream. One day when we loaded up to leave home (an hour drive from the acreage location) our then two-year old asked if we were going to the "witch house" (see above). I thought that he said "wish house" and thought, "genius" and that it was an appropriate nickname for the new house. We have been wishing and planning for  a couple years now.

About a week later I realized he was calling it the witch house (I can't say I blame him, the old house would be spooky to a little boy!) but by then the name had stuck. We now talk all the time about what we will do at our Wish House.

We have made some changes to this, but it is the original floor plan of our wish house. Most notably, we have added an attached garage and thus made an entryway by the half-bath on the main floor.

We chose rustic natural hickory for cabinets (the cabinet place doesn't do white cupboards so I can scrap the 40 pictures of dream kitchens that I have on pinterest!). I was disappointed but went with a natural wood shaker-style door so that we can eventually paint them white (many many years from now) if I still really want to.

Next I get to fret over and pick paint colours...I've got it narrowed down to about 50 or so! There is a mind-boggling amount of selection.

These are my far...

It is exciting to get to pick what goes in our new house, but a little stressful too! Have you built a house or done a major renovation?

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