Sunday, 10 February 2013

House For Sale

We currently live in a small town in Saskatchewan. This is a sleepy town with a kindergarten to grade six school (upper grades are bussed 13 kms to the next town). The economy here is farming and ranching, and the oilfield. So one never knows how quickly real estate will move. But really, I didn't think our little house would sell in under ten days. Really I didn't.

I was surprised how sad I felt when I first saw this sign on our lawn. This was our first real home together. We brought our first baby home from the hospital to this house, then a second son two years later. Times were very lean that first year and it was a struggle to get by. The 2010 Winter Olympics will be forever embedded in my memory: nursing a newborn in this living room at all hours, watching repeated highlights over and over and over because I couldn't reach the remote and I didn't dare break the latch. If you've breastfed you know what that means. This house is where a couple became a family, and it makes me very sad to say goodbye to these walls and the memories that live here.

I remind myself that the memories will go with us--along with the toys as I constantly reassure my 3 year old. Our new home is closer to family and it will be easier to visit, have a babysitter, possibly return to work for a few hours a week. When we leave here we leave together, and that's what matters.  

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