Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Before and After: Flowerbed

We moved in here on a shoe string. Like many first time home buyers, getting approved for a mortgage, paying for a move, buying a few necessities and paint stretched the budget to the max. I always like to keep a cushion available for emergencies, and getting started in a house was exciting but stressful and the cushion was gone.

At the same time, a person wants to invest time, energy and, yes, money, into their property. We were very lucky to have a friend with lots of flat rocks on her land. We spent an afternoon visiting and picking rocks, and that summer turned a rather neglected bed into a focal point.

It doesn't help that it was early May, everything was very drab looking

Although we had no budget for flowers, the few perennials that were in the bed helped fill it out. My mom gave me columbines and a day lily that she was thinning out, and I got some fillers for a dollar each later in the spring when things went on sale. As I recall, barren strawberry and a couple different mosses helped fill space and do keep returning each year. Also, a friend gave me some hen and chicks that have exploded even as I've given more and more away.

I gave in and bought a hosta because the bed is on the east side of the garage and shaded almost all day. As far as annuals go, I had great luck throwing down a pack of bachelor buttons, but I really wanted it to be a pretty spot that didn't cost me more money every year.

Much like the rest of the yard and house, there are memories bound up in all the work we did.

Have you found inexpensive ways to "fill" a flowerbed? Can you recommend any annuals that are easy to start (for those of us that have no luck starting plants!)?

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