Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Our Flowering Crabapple Tree

As near as I can tell, the tree that was in the front yard when we bought this house is a "Thunderchild Flowering Crab apple". http://www.thehoneytreenursery.com/Flowering-Crabs.php

The beautiful blossoms have been a real treat every spring, except last year when it did not bloom at all. We had  a LOT of snow in March and April, so that might have cost us this beautiful view in the front yard.

Although the fruit is inedible for us, it is common to find deer feeding around it in the fall and winter. It hums with the activity of bees while it is blooming, and is a year-round shelter for different birds. We want to provide beauty and habitat in our new yard so I will definitely plant a flowering tree or two, hopefully where I can see it from my kitchen window as I could this one. In the four years we have lived here, I've spent countless hours admiring this tree from my kitchen and out on our deck.

The pink blossoms are such a cheerful contrast in the spring when all the different shades of green explode in the yard. It is equally as beautiful when it sheds its leaves to provide us with a week or two of raking and playing. Yup, gotta get another one in the new yard!

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