Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lost in the Details

I'm really looking forward to being on our acreage. It's where I plan to live out my my children grow...see seedlings turn into towering trees. On one hand it gives me a feeling of peace, stability, continuity...on the other hand, it's frickin' terrifying.

Right now I'm battling fear of the unknown. So much of what we have yet to do, and plan, is dependent upon some other thing falling into place first. We can't dig the basement, or get the power or gas out there, until spring. I can't really plan my yard until I know where the basement will be. But I do have a rough idea, so I'm trying to draw and dream and not get lost in the details.

When I sit down to make a list of plants, or draw my yard, I feel intimidated and that it is all too daunting. I don't know where to start and I'm afraid of wasting money on the wrong plants and ending up with an embarrassing mess. It is such good timing, then, that I came across the blog . I've spent two days devouring the information available there (to the point of child neglect, in fact) and I am just so darn thankful for people that share their knowledge just for the sake of it.

Author and master-gardener Melanie J. Watts says in her July 13, 2010 post "Designing a Garden":

To lessen the amount of work or to avoid undoing mistakes it is better to approach garden design slowly, letting it evolve naturally. Take time to see where the sunny spot is in the morning where you drink your coffee and the shade where you escape to on hot afternoons. Notice how the path to the shed takes the quickest route and how the children's ball...always seems to end up in the flowerbeds. Design your garden for the life you have now. You can always make the sandbox into a flowerbed after the children have grown out of it".

Aaaaaaand....exhale. How silly that I was worrying about putting plants in the wrong places rather than enjoying the opportunity to learn and dream now and tinker with design throughout the seasons. I'm in this for the enjoyment, after all. So nice to have been reminded of that!

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