Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Before and After: The Kitchen

February is a hard month to write about gardening. Everything is dormant under a blanket of snow, and my new garden only exists in my mind. But who doesn't love a before and after?

We bought this house four years ago, in fact, when we move out it will be four years to the day. Before moving in we painted while the house was empty and put down new laminate to replace shag rug in the master bedroom.After that we did things as we could afford.

Kitchen before:

 It took a year and a half to decide (and save for) what we wanted to do with the kitchen.

note the icky California-style ceiling

What we ended up with is this:

This picture shows the old stove, and the window has not yet been replaced. Once spring (finally) arrives and we get that window switched, I will update with a new picture. A new window will help with drafts, as that old one is no longer efficient.

I'm so pleased with how our kitchen turned out and, if you're interested in a similar update in your own home, the figures were approximately:

laminate countertop $1200
paint, primer $220
hardware $90
lighting $100
new window $350
backsplash $65

My figures are approximate, but this is basically what we paid. We were very fortunate that the ceiling above the ceiling tile/flourescent lights was finished the same as the rest of the house, otherwise it would have been hard for us to complete this project on our own. We painted the cupboards with a 10 month old in and out of everything, and I'm so proud of the job we did. We had the help of Husband's brother (wiring) and my mom (painting, hardware installation, childcare, sanity saver). I did not include the price of the appliances in the overall makeover budget because the fridge and dishwasher that came with the house died on us within weeks of moving in and we were forced to replace them then. I got a new stove and exhaust fan on kijiji this winter to complete our renovation. I would say the grand total is approximately $3200 but the difference in the style of our home is priceless.

Have you given your home any major updates or done anything to make it more energy efficient?

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