Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Random thoughts and photos

The longer I am away from this space, the harder it seems to return. I've decided to post some images in hopes that words will soon follow. 

Yes, four bear wandered into our yard one morning--a sow and her 3 cubs. Thankfully the kids and I were just coming downstairs to go outside when I saw them out the window. 

I was definitely rattled by the bear-sighting, because so often the kids go out to play while I tidy up inside. We have read and talked about what to do if we see bears again, and the kids happily make ALOT of noise while we are outside. We stick together and we are never far from the house nowadays. I always knew they were there, but nearly meeting them in the driveway was quite an awakening. 

We had a lovely summer and we are so grateful that we moved closer to my family. The garden is finished for the year, but for some brussels sprouts outside and the last of the tomatoes ripening in the basement. Every few days a new batch of salsa or slow roasted tomato sauce tops our to-do list. I will be glad when the tomatoes have all been dealt with and I only have to worry about eating them :)

A grainy photo taken out my dining room window this morning. Below, the tomato process continues. 

Wherever you are this week, I hope that you are enjoying good health and good food with those you love xx