Thursday, 4 July 2013

Still Waiting...

We have been living at my parents' now for 6 weeks or so. It is going well (and my kids are loving it!) but we are ready to have our own home again. Things have been progressing and I wanted to post an update on what has been accomplished:

  • Basement dug, built, poured (along with garage footings and frost wall)
  • Power line has been dug in underground and transformer box awaits hook-up to house
  • Well dug and waterline trenched to house, awaiting hook-up
  • Waterline and power cable trenched in to a future watering bowl at the bottom of the yard. This is in preparation for a barn and some animals in the future
  • Grid road to our property has had trees in the ditch mulched to make it wide enough for the house to be delivered
  • Trees continue to grow, but could use a real deep watering
  • One week from tomorrow, our new home is scheduled to arrive! 
The house has been complete for a couple of weeks <we love it> and my nerves over having it delivered seem to be dissipating as the date draws nearer. For someone who struggles with sleeplessness I have only had a couple poor nights of sleep. I have fingers and toes crossed that our delivery takes place without a hitch. I hope anyone that still bothers to read this is having a wonderful summer. I'm looking forward to posting the hundreds of pictures I've taken of this adventure once I'm back on my own system. Happy Camping!