Sunday, 17 February 2013

Back to Basics

Knowledge is so valuable, and no amount of book learning can replace good old hands on experience. When it comes down to doing it, research and planning are a start but it comes down to giving things a shot, working hard, and not giving up. We aren't going for a summer of landscaping and then never thinking about it again; we want a lifestyle that includes composting, working outside, conserving, reusing, re purposing, sharing, and learning. Eventually we want a few smaller animals (the three year old says he wants "all kinds of dogs", but I'm thinking possibly a couple sheep, or pigs, maybe chickens, hopefully bees....oh dear!).

I think that when you are armed with some good advice, a can-do attitude, and a determined work ethic, you do stand a chance at success. I'm so loving the book Back to Basics by Abigail R. Gehring. What a wealth of knowledge and how wonderful to read. The pictures and instructions are easy to follow and even make a greenhorn like me feel capable.

We plan to learn by doing but we are enormously thankful to have resources like this great book to help us on our path. Are you working toward a greener lifestyle? What are some books you've read that have helped?

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