Friday, 4 October 2013

These Days...

Our little family is settling in--settling into a routine, but also into our new/old community. I grew up here, but I wasn't sure what it would be like to come back to stay. I'm so glad that we are all loving it. For me and the kids, we have had company popping by fairly often and it has made the days fly by. No more wondering why we are all grumpy and suddenly realizing it's because we haven't seen anyone, including daddy, in a couple weeks. We can go to gramma's whenever we want, and we do, and she comes here. My aunts have been stopping in, old friendships are being reconnected. We are happy.

We've managed to do some work in the yard but I'm having difficulty getting the pictures from camera to computer (SIGH). I haven't had the time to properly integrate them into the posts I want to write, so it is likely going to be a winter project anyways. Today I just wanted to say hello and post my most recent list things to do in hopes that I can cross most of them off by next week.

  • finish stone wishing well (many more posts to come on that subject!)it's as finished as it can get for this year!
  • print, complete and return paperwork to RRSP company
  • baking: pizza, buns, muffins
  • pizza party with daddy the night before he starts days off
  • drop muffins off at neighbour's, and at friend's who is having her baby today (so excited for her!)  it was a cake, but whatever!
  •  reorganise guest/toy room 
  • Find and buy a wood stove
  • clean windows inside and out
  • figure out a solution to our moth problem (seriously, there are hundreds of tiny moths in this house!)
  • list some items on KIJIJI
  • order pictures on line and do my wall collage of pictures of the kids
Happy weekend everyone! 

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