Friday, 1 March 2013



When I went out
The sun was hot.
It shone upon
My flower pot.

And there I saw
A spike of green
That no one else
Had ever seen!

On other days
The things I see
Are mostly old
Except for me.

But this green spike
So new and small
Had never yet
Been seen at all!

"A Spike of Green"
by Barbara Baker

What a cute little reminder of the wonder spring brings. Although we are still weeks from any "spikes of green", it is wonderful to anticipate and have February behind us.


That pretty little poem came from my Folio Society copy of Year Round Things To Do illustrated by Shirley Hughes 1966. I had to include it today because it reminded me so strongly of going out exploring mud puddles as a child and seeing and smelling all the changes of spring. It is so much fun to relive those moments with my own children.

It might take a few weeks before we see any green, but it is getting closer and closer. How are you preparing for spring?

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