Friday, 1 March 2013

Ordering Trees

Well, I've ordered several hundred trees, in addition to any that I might receive from the shelterbelt program. (Unfortunately, the program is almost out of trees and I'm sure my application is getting there late to be considered for trees. I'll be lucky to get a few hedges methinks. So sad about that!) Alas, my purchased trees should arrive just before May Long Weekend so that we can toil away Husband's days off. He just doesn't know it yet ;)

I ordered:

120 (3yr old) Colorado Spruce
200 (1yr old) NorthWest Poplar
180 (1yr old) Manitoba Maple

That quantity is for shelterbelt on the 200 or so metres into our yard from the grid road. For some colour and visual interest in the yard, I also ordered:

10 Siberian Larch
5 (3yr old) Amur Maple
5 Paper Birch

I plan on posting once the trees arrive, and doing several posts on tree planting and care once they are in the ground. I can't wait to update on how they are growing! I so look forward to the brilliant spectacle of yellowing larch against birch and blue spruce. The reds of the amur maple are going to be a show for miles around, now to be patient and watch them grow (and water, water, water!) I am going to give the yard a year to take shape and then order more trees, possibly a flowering crab for spring colour and a weeping willow or two. Even placing the order has made the February blahs dissipate somewhat....I can almost feel the sun on my back and the dirt under my nails!

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