Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Favorite: Bag o' Wheat

I've had my hot Wheat Bag for is one of those things that you forget you have until you really need it. But this winter it has not been put away as one cold after another and a couple different flu bugs have marched through our home. Those out there with small kids can probably agree that in the middle of the night you do what you can to get everyone back to sleep. We've used this warm bag rolled in a receiving blanket snuggled up to baby in crib, on bad backs, sore necks and, most recently, on myself last night. Ah, once again, the flu. But the arrival of Husband to help with the kids and a last minute decision to pick up supper helped get through an uncomfortable evening. Once Birthday Boy had his cupcake and opened his gift (and 3 year old played with it while baby played with the wrapping paper), mama snuck of to bed with the bag o' wheat and managed to get to sleep.

I have been in pain and wondering what to do with myself when I remember the wheat bag, heat it, and apply it to a sore neck. Without exaggerating, IT HELPS SO MUCH! I have used hot water bottles and electric heat pads but what I like about the bag of wheat is that it conforms to the body so nicely and feels so natural as it sooths. Nothing needs thrown away afterwards and when it finally wears out I can sew a new bag and keep on heating it. I was given mine many years ago and it has been very useful, especially now with children. If you are interested in making one for yourself, I've found a how-to link:

What do you use for relief from shoulder, neck, back pain? Have you got a bag of wheat?

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