Thursday, 28 March 2013

Good Bones

Our Wish House is going to be wonderful. There are many bonuses in it that I will enjoy so much (big wall pantry, study with bay window, covered porch out back). These features will give us the room we need as well as suiting our lifestyle. The big pantry will be such a treat after storing groceries in the boot closet, on the basement stairs, and in a corner cupboard that I almost have to lay down to see the back of. We added the back porch so that we can cook, eat, and entertain overlooking our yard with the benefit of some shade. It is built so that, when the time comes, we can close it in without major renovation. It was important to us that we keep the price as low as possible now while still making smart choices for the future.

Like most people, we have rented before finally buying our first home together. Taking the place "as is" and planning what you will change when you have time and money is much different than trying to get it right the first time. We went to a little extra expense now in hopes of saving money over time: namely, triple pane windows and an upgraded house wrap that ups the R-value of the insulation. Although it cost more, we knew that doing the wrap later would require residing the house, which makes no sense. Rather than going for expensive cosmetic touches, we have invested in the energy efficiency of the home in order to save over time. With that in mind, we are also getting an ICF (insulated concrete form) basement. Please note: links are provided for information only and are not affiliated with or advertising for anyone! Our goal is to get it right now so that we don't have to spend money fixing later on.

The electrical walk through was my first good look at the house. Thank goodness two experienced tradespeople walked me through the process (Husband was away working) as there really is so much to think about. A well-placed switch will be appreciated daily, whereas one in the wrong spot will be a constant source of annoyance (especially considering I made the call where things should go!). I think that everything has been placed practically, conveniently, and that we have ensured we won't need to redo things later at further expense.

foyer, and stairs up to second floor
 I was thrilled to see our house the other day. When Husband gets home we intend to take the boys in for a look. It will be fun to see what progress has been made, and hopefully it will be a warmer day as it was 20 below Celsius when I was there. Here are a few more pictures:

kitchen and dining room
 The cabinets, counter tops, hardware and paint are all finalized! Now to be patient and wait for it to come together!

master bedroom
 Happy Easter weekend, all!

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