Thursday, 14 March 2013

Grey Days

I commented recently to a friend that my body can't decide what season it is: on sunny days we walk, I exercise, we have salad and do some cleaning. When skies are grey we bake, do a craft, pile the cheese onto a casserole...

It's middle of March and although the snow is ""taking a cutting", as Husband puts it, you wouldn't say that looking out my window. The town has pushed up a ten foot bank of snow that will eventually melt its way down into the coulee. For now I stare at it, wishing for it to go. Its another gloomy day with, guess what? more wind and even some snow mixed in.

Motivation is hard to come by on days like this. As much as I'd like to curl up and read a book all day and forget the weather I have two little ones so we need to find things to do...inside.

I'm going to see if making (and sharing) a list helps me get my act together:

  1. clean light fixtures in each room (12/15)
  2. move furniture, wash walls in all rooms (2/8)
  3. bag up winter/seasonal clothes (spring IS coming, right? Isn't it?DONE, but spring is not here!)
  4. the tricky one: sort toys. Somehow donate and otherwise disperse the excess. In progress :)
Since the lightbulb in my bedroom needs replaced, I can start by washing the globe on it when I change the bulb (done!). Hopefully that will get me started on all the cleaning I have to do!

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