Sunday, 14 April 2013

Time Lines

We are drawing nearer to our moving day. As it approaches, so do more deadlines.

  • more packing
  • get rid of all recycling
  • get a new address, if Canada Post can decide what it will be! done!
  • cancel services in old house
  • replace wax seal on toilet in master bath
  • replace kitchen window
  • trim around kitchen window, caulking
  • change address everywhere
  • quote from septic/sewer guy (call after Wednesday)
  • confirm any final quotes/ trades
  • garage sale (ongoing)
  • pick up trailer
  • clear spot for belongings in brother's shop
  • load and haul rocks to acreage site
  • prepare site for shed
  • delivery of shed to acreage
  • insure shed
  • finish packing and cleaning
  • well finished
  • prepare camper for Husband to live in this summer
  • vacate old house, move to parents'
  • tree planting, fencing
  • when weather permits, have road and pad built at acreage
  • dig basement hole, fill in old dugout
  • price out central vac
  • basement built
  • raised beds, stone work
  • gas, phone and electric companies notified, and hopefully services completed soon
  • general yard work at acreage
  • delivery of RTM
  • services hooked up
  • decks built
  • move in to house YAY!!
  • garage and decks completed
  • more yard work
I am too exhausted to go on. But I hope this is most of it.

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