Friday, 19 April 2013

The Drywall Stage

We had a chance to look at the house again today: at this point the siding is on and, inside, the drywall is up but not taped or plastered.

We secretly wish we had chosen trim and shakes with more contrast in colour, but we had so many selections thrown at us in an hour (with two hungry, tired boys climbing the walls) that by the time we got home we weren't sure what colour we had picked. Not to mention, dark siding is $1 more/foot (would have been $1807 Husband says, "No Dice!")

My sittin' porch
The decks will be built on site, but the overhang with pot lights is ready. Can't wait for coffee overlooking the garden!

In my current home, company comes in through the attached garage. Nightmare to keep the garage respectable-looking with strollers, garbage, recycling, and Husband (garage-tidier-extraordinaire) usually working away. Above is my bright, lovely company entryway. LOVE IT!

To the right is the dining room. These doors lead to the covered sittin' porch, which will face south and west and overlook the garden and across our quarter-section of land.

Below, the master bedroom--it has a small Juliet deck and a nice sized walk-in closet. We are just thrilled with the house; it is going to be so exciting when the flooring and cabinets go in! Now for the weather to cooperate so we can get a basement dug to put it on!

Have a great weekend!


  1. So exciting! I love the sound of all the decks and porches, facing south! THey will be a great warm place to grow stuff.

  2. My first comment ever! YAY! Yes, we are excited to have our south facing deck and can't wait to be growing all kinds of things :) Thanks so much for reading--I'm a big fan of your blog Melanie!