Friday, 5 April 2013

Garage Sale

Husband has gone home to Newfoundland for a funeral. While he is away I have been busy getting some things ready for a garage sale. What we are selling is good quality but we just don't use much anymore (or fit anymore, but that's another blog!)

I am not sure how it will work, having a garage sale by myself with 2 kids and it is still 0 Celsius all day in the garage. I set up a heater and if we are out there much the crawler will sit in the stroller and the helper can play around the garage and driveway. I think I'll put up signs and have people ring the bell if they want to have a look. No point keeping the kids out there until people arrive to shop!

 I hope that we sell the bigger items quickly so that we can make room to pack up and move out the things that we are keeping. Setting up for a sale is fine, but it takes up most of the garage! I've advertised the sale and individual items on kijiji to help promote our things.

Do you enjoy garage saling, or have you ever had a garage sale?

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