Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Packing Up

I've moved many times...I'm one of those people that does a major, later regretted, purge when packing belongings. I wouldn't say I regret most of what has been purged but there are a few notable keepsakes that have been given and sold that I sure wish I had back. I get impatient and illogically start to believe that one more box is just too much.

This time, we are moving from 1400 square feet into 1800 square feet, plus 900 feet of basement. So it is not a matter of downsizing, rather, just gauging what we never use. There is nothing worse than packing a bunch of stuff and later needing something, having to search through boxes, unpack, repack...so I'm not going overboard packing just yet. A few things that I won't be needing are my canning supplies and that last bit of Christmas stuff that is scattered in the garage and cellar. I intend to get that tidied away in the next few days.

We are setting up for a garage sale. There will be an ongoing community garage sale in the month of April so I hope to capitalize on the extra traffic through town. I plan to leave things set up right until we move out--whatever hasn't sold can come with us.

I've also started making lists everyday. I usually have a list of some kind going (ok, ok, it's a notebook. I still have the list of things I was doing the day baby 2 was born. Never got that list finished, but too sentimental to throw it out). But as for my daily lists right now, I've got the non-essential but somehow necessary toiletries packed. Batteries, chargers, light bulbs etc sorted and ready to go (but left in the closets so that when I inevitably need them I can still find them). My helper-dude and I have cleaned the cleaning closet, one freezer, crochet supplies, along with sorting in the garage. Striking things off my lists makes me feel like we are making progress towards our move. Do you write lists? Have you got a system for remembering everything you need to do? 

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