Friday, 12 April 2013

In the Moment

One of the things that I like about gardening is that you can see the results of your labour, whether it be a few hours puttering and planting, weeding, or the results that happen over the years. Gardening is good physical work, connecting us to nature and to ourselves. Often when working in the yard my mind is wandering to the past or the future, but having a task at hand also grounds us to the present. That allows us to experience a moment, that moment, in its entirety, without consciously planning or worrying about anything else. When you really think about it, we would be better off if we could harness our attention more often and simply live each moment as it happens. I've sort of touched on that here and here.

The more that I have going on in my life, the more likely I am to wake in the night and go over what needs done or what I must remember. Sometimes, in those restless moments, I even resolve little issues that I've been puzzling over. Inspiration is great but I dearly wish I could do my best thinking in the daylight hours. With two kids that get me up in the night once in a blue moon, and my own tendency to wake and fret, I have been searching for ways to quickly get back to sleep if I do wake in the night. That's where mindfulness or "being in the moment" come in. I heard somewhere that if you concentrate on 3 good things over and over you will relax and fall back to sleep. I've started getting up, going to the washroom without turning on lights, then returning to bed and thinking about 3 jobs completed or 3 positive things (usually Husband and our 2 sons). I'm finding it really does help. Another thing I'm trying is to just focus on breathing: that moment in, that moment out. With a house to build and all that entails, I have plenty on my mind and I'm trying to keep sleeplessness at bay with these techniques.

I am also trying to be more mindful in my daily life. Anyone who is home everyday with children will (hopefully) admit that it can be hard to be 100% invested in yet another play-dough project or game of eye-spy. But these little boys won't want to play with mommy forever, and I know the day will come that I long to be their first companion and best friend again. So I'm trying not to phone it in. I follow a couple of blogs that are helpful and worth a read : and (because they aren't gardening-related I don't have them on the blogroll here on my blog). Do you ever have a hard time sleeping? What are some ways you deal with stress/anxiety?

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