Saturday, 27 April 2013

A River Runs Through It

We took a load of landscaping rocks out to our acreage site on Thursday. While there, we put a lock on our new mailbox at the group box site a mile down the highway from our corner (I was strangely excited to finally get our new address--partly so I could start changing our address everywhere, but also so that it feels like we will eventually have our own home back!)

I didn't take new pictures of the trail through the snow drifts to our property. The snow has dropped by several feet but the road is still soft and there is much melting to do before it will be passable for small vehicles (or 12' x 20' sheds!). The yard site itself, however, was plowed in the winter and the wind helped to blow a lot of snow away (presumably onto the road!) so it is drying nicely once one makes it into the yard.

Instead of new pictures of the same old snow banks, I took a few of the water running across my parents' road to get to their slough.

To the left, the water crossing their road. The close up below shows how the water is washing the road out.

Below, water crossing in a second spot. It flows into the slough, which drains into a lake a few miles away.

After a couple days of this water (over)filling the slough, the force of the water washed away a culvert and road at the other end. No one knows where the culvert has ended up, or when the water will stop. Lucky for my parents their house is uphill from the worst of the water. Is there a lot of run-off where you are this spring? Are you seeing much damage or has it mostly finished for the year?

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