Thursday, 5 February 2015

Newfoundland-inspired Fish Cakes

I get an amazing amount of traffic looking for a Newfoundland Dressing recipe. Likewise, I've posted about another favorite of ours: Newfoundland Peas Pudding, and the Jiggs Dinner altogether. As a Saskatchewan gal with a farming background, I would never claim to do the food justice--but none of the Newfoundlanders who are "up away" and have eaten here have ever complained ;)

I'm on a mission to use up food that is languishing in our freezer and pantry. In my weekly plan I had intended to do homemade fish and chips--but on reflection the cheap store-bought cod fillets were just too wimpy to hold up to batter and frying. I wanted fish cakes, but nothing too fussy. The kids have been getting up at 5 am lately and I'm feeling the February blahs creeping in.

The kids love to help cut the potatoes with the fry maker I got for Christmas. So that part was easy. I cooked the fries with just a bit of oil in our actifry (last year's Christmas gift). I had made extra dressing a few weeks ago and froze it in a sandwich bag and happened to have leftover gravy from our roast beef supper the other night.

I had a basic idea of how I wanted to make the fish cakes, but googled some recipes for inspiration. I was really glad to come across a cooking site that I had never seen, and I'm happy to pass it on here. I am sure I will use often when looking for new recipes. I didn't follow the recipe, exactly, but rather took my inspiration and ran with it.

I basically steamed the fillets in just a bit of butter and their own juices, then sauted finely chopped onions in the same pan. After they had cooled slightly I flaked them apart gently with a fork and added the onion, an egg, about a Tbsp of store-bought tartar sauce, and about a Tbsp lemon juice. The secret ingredient that I had never thought to add before (which I found on RockRecipes) is mashed and cooled potatoes. I happened to have just the right amount leftover in the fridge, and the result was a very nice flakey fish cake. I rolled them in panko before frying them in a Tbsp butter and Tbsp canola oil. I made my own tartar sauce and a salad to accompany the meal. All in all, I used up some odds and ends in the fridge and freezer and made a quick tasty meal that we will definitely try again. Most importantly, I found a website to add to my favorites where I can learn more about Newfoundland culture and food. Do you like to find new recipes to use up leftovers?

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