Saturday, 14 February 2015

February, you get me every time...

Ah, the winter blues...the grouchies....the blahs, the mama-hasn't-left-the-house-in-a-week-rants! February, you have done it again.

But it's not your fault, really. February, you have given me much to be grateful for:

  • My parents' anniversary, a nice gathering of family, 45 years survived and lived to tell about it. 
  • I have developed a real love of baking. I've always loved to cook but was not into baking. These days, the kids and I are enjoying turning out delicious breads and treats and sharing them with our friends. It is a pastime and a hobby and I'm grateful to be able to spend my days baking with my kids. 
  • A runny nose and cough for my littlest, which did NOT get my biggest sick and therefore did NOT result in a flare up of childhood nephrotic syndrome. My gratitude for that alone should make the winter fly. And in many ways, it does. 

I feel ashamed and disgraced that with much to be grateful for, I have still fallen into a wee winter slump and have been short-tempered and frustrated, particularly with my kids. In turn, they are short-tempered with each other and with me, and the whole thing can get disheartening. It is not what I wanted for my kids or myself. We do pretty good all winter but February seems to be the month where I let myself slip. So February? If you are listening, here is what I have planned to get us through the rest of your windy, cold house-bound days:

  • more exercise. I need to stop complaining about being stuck in the house and move my body. It always makes me feel better.
  • clean the house. If I'm stuck here, I should be cleaning one room every few days. No excuse that I "haven't gotten around to it"
  • in-house adventures for the kids. Play Play Play!
  • more self-care. At home spa-time: mani/pedi, facial, sunless tanner, and yes a little pruning never hurts. It makes a world of difference to take care of one's appearance such as it is!
  • more outside time. We have had a run of cold/wind, but on days where it is possible to be outside I need to come up with ideas to keep us out longer. Less time in the house=less time fighting!
  • returning J to play school, Tuesdays only. O will have time with gramma and I will help at school. J doesn't want me to leave him there, and I won't force the issue!
  • I'm investigating taking on some sort of a volunteer capacity that I can include my kids in. They are young to help at the soup kitchen, but I have been letting them each pick on item on special to donate to the food bank every week when we get groceries. I thought of us writing a letter/drawing pictures to send to a Canadian soldier. Then I read some negative feedback about women having strange motives for doing so and was left feeling disappointed with the whole idea. But I'm still thinking of ways to make it a sort of writing assignment for my 5 year old. At any rate, some sort of meaningful, community-minded activity would perk us up.
  • The kids start swimming lessons next week. I'm going to have to don a bathing suit and join my 2 year old in the water...those who know me will remember that I feel water is for showering in and THAT IS IT. It's important to me that my kids don't grow up to hate the water as I do. So...I won't put my bull on their fun. A friend told me this past summer not to let my body issues ruin their summer memories, and she was right, and I am trying. 
As of today there are only 2 more weeks in this dreaded month. We are getting dumped on with fresh snow today. When it warms up that will be lots of fun. Tomorrow my brother is having us over for a sleigh ride, our favorite winter pastime. Before I know it we will be into March and, whatever the weather might bring, I can handle it as spring comes near. Does February (or any particular time of year) get you down in the dumps? If so, have you any frugal suggestions for a pick-me-up?

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