Monday, 16 February 2015

Menu Plan February 16-22

We had a lovely day sleigh riding with family and new acquaintances yesterday. My brother is training a different horse to pull the sleigh. It was just the break we needed from being cooped up at home!

I seem to be over the hump of my February blues. Motivation has returned, and what feels like a busy week lies ahead. There are chores that I have left too long and swimming lessons start tomorrow. I want to have some quick easy meals to take the stress out of arriving home from swimming and having to make supper. Here's my tentative plan for the week:


Husband lunch: pb and j sandwiches (he actually likes them, but I do feel bad resorting to peanut butter and jam). The fresh food is getting low but I refuse to go to town until we have to go for swimming (Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next month) cans of fruit, all bran bars, puddings
Kids lunch: stirfry with left over rice
Supper: Pizza and tossed salad
major chores to do: clean ashes out of stove, haul wood to basement from garage and replenish supply in garage, all laundry, all toys tidied, vacuum, compost and garbage out, tidy front porch, tidy entryways, bake cookies and prepare a double recipe of new-york style pizza dough/ refrigerate half

Tuesday: (swim 4-4:30)

major chores: deep cleaning of all bathrooms, haul wood, prepare and refrigerate quinoa salad, get water and groceries before swimming lessons
H lunch: leftover pizza, veggies and dip, last of the fruit
kids lunch: grilled cheese, canned fruit, carrots and dip
kids snacks and drinks packed for town/swimming
Supper: chili I made last week thawed and put in slow cooker before we leave, buns, quinoa salad


H lunch: leftover chili and buns, fruit and veg, cookies
Kids lunch: play date here with little friends, fruit and veggie tray with grilled cheese sandwiches
Supper: taco night (roasted broccoli and chickpeas, spanish rice, enchiladas, guacamole)
major chores: clean my sittin' porch (dog and cats have made it a disaster this winter), garbage and compost out, laundry/washed and put away, wash kitchen and basement floors


H lunch: wraps/ leftovers, fruit and veg, etc
kids lunch: leftovers
snacks and drinks packed for swimming lessons
Supper: meatballs I prepared and froze last week put in slowcooker before we leave, fried rice and stir fry
major chores: cut veggies and cook rice before we leave for town, bake bread and cookies
Weather permitting we will spend the morning outside playing and/or at my mom's visiting and playing

Friday: (hopefully the first of Husband's 4 days off)
we may or may not spend the day running errands in town, doing things with the truck that I have not been able to accomplish. There are several light bulbs that need replaced in the garage, a honey-do list as you can imagine after a 24 day shift of work. I hate to bombard Husband on his first day off, but it is nice to get some of the list accomplished quickly and treat the kids to dinner out--then spend the weekend playing and relaxing)
Supper: pub grub (stuffed potatoes, caesar salads, wings, garlic fingers using the premade pizza dough)

Supper: pasta night

Supper: roast and all the fixin's

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