Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Menu Plan Feb 9-15, 2015

 The purpose of my planning a weekly menu is threefold:
  1. Use up what is potentially going to go to waste from my freezer, purchased groceries, home preserves or garden
  2. Become better organized in order to squeak out more time for hobbies/ a deep cleaning of the house/ kids activities (translation: less cooking=more living!)
  3. Attempt to reduce the amount I am spending on food by using in-store coupons, points card at grocery store, doing without, and reducing waste
I'm enjoying following the blog Mortgage Free In Three. It gives wonderful inspiration to pay off debt faster, and recently provided a printable menu planning document. As Elaine suggests, it makes sense to menu plan starting on the day you get groceries--it works well for me as I am a once/week shopper. This week my grocery day fell on a Monday because there were a few things I wanted to do in town and we never drive to town without trying to complete all our errands. NOTE: this is being posted late as hauling wood/mopping floors/laundry and some serious teenage mutant ninja turtle play time had priority. Such is life!

This week's list:

  • fill 2 water jugs (forgot the jugs at home, but should make it til next week)
  • pick up parcel new cookbook, woohoo! Perhaps a post on that later :)
  • weather stripping for the garage door since the kitties have pulled a piece of it completely off and made a draft. Wouldn't you know it, the day after I buy weather stripping I open a closet and find the weather stripping that I thought we had used up in our old house. So I can return what I bought and save ten bucks! 
For my menu plan this week, I have consulted the freezer: some bits of pork chops, enough for a meal, still some roasts and a package of steak to use up, a package of hamburger, some chicken wings, bacon, a package of deer sausage given to me by a friend, perogies, green beans, spinach. Also there are some chicken breasts and shrimp.

In the fridge: lettuce needing used today or ASAP, peppers, some crushed tomato sauce, part of a cucumber, carrots, celery, red onion. We also have some asiago cheese and a bit of mozzarella, some cheese slices (Husband likes them but I try not to buy them!).

On special at grocery store: I got 2000 extra points (when you redeem 20,000 points you save $20) buying things I needed anyways, and I resisted buying anything that wasn't on my list. Normally I don't buy much juice but both kids are getting sore throats so I bought calcium and vit D added oj, and a 5 pack of juice boxes because by then both kids were thirsty and had already drank the juice I brought from home. Altogether, this week's grocery bill was $115.52. It helped that I avoided the meat aisle altogether so I couldn't impulse-buy. I don't go near the bakery because I make all our bread and sweets at home. I've also stopped buying more almond milk until I see if the kids are going to continue drinking it. At $4/2L jug it won't hurt my feelings if they go off it :)

OK, enough stalling. This week's grocery plan:

Monday Feb 9:

  • H lunch: leftovers and buns
  • kids lunch: popcorn shrimp and homemade fries
  • supper: pizza using leftover taco meat, cold cuts, crushed tomatoes (all of which were needing used up in the fridge)
Tuesday Feb 10:
  • H lunch: pizza and fruit
  • kids lunch: buns, fruit and veggies, can of chicken noodle soup, smoothies
  • supper: lasagna, focaccia, caesar salad
Wednesday Feb 11:
  • H lunch: beef buns, fruit and veggies
  • kids lunch: leftovers
  • supper: pulled beef, buns, whipped potatoes, brussels sprouts, salad
Thursday Feb 12: ,boil eggs for Friday)
  • H lunch: beef buns, fruit and veggies
  • kids lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches, smoothies, fruit and veggies
  • supper: slow-cooker pork chops in sauce with rice, green beans
Friday Feb 13:
  • H: egg salad sandwiches, fruit, veg, pudding
  • kids: curly pasta and toast, apple sauce and veggies
  • supper: deer sausage with perogies, layered salad, green peas, fried onions
Saturday Feb 14:
  • H: running out of inspiration, but by then something will come to me ;)
  • kids: likewise!
  • supper: butter chicken, rice, roasted veggies
Sunday Feb 15:
  • H: Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit etc
  • kids: leftovers
  • supper: steak bites, stuffed potatoes, garlic toast, salad
I may not stick entirely to the plan, but now that I know what I have available I hope to thaw/prepare in advance to give myself more time for other things. The weather is supposed to warm up by Thursday so I plan to be outside rather than in the kitchen--a good thing since the wood supply is running low!

What have you got planned for the week?

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