Sunday, 1 February 2015

Menu Plan January 31-February 7 2015

The end of January already? Yikes!

As I've mentioned, I have some beef roasts to use up. They will factor into this week's plan as will a bag of pears that I need to use up. I have a few things to consider, Husband's lunch for work being one of them. He got a heater that plugs into the lighter in his truck so he can now take leftovers (Yay!!) and I also like to send a variety of foods because after years of packed lunches it must be getting a little repetitive. There are also our lunches at home, which will be either leftovers (not my kids' favorite thing to eat but I shall prevail!) or simple fare complimented with fresh fruit and veggies. I won't bother listing our breakfasts because we are very predictable: toast and fruit for us at home and Husband leaves so early he does not bother eating.

Sunday Feb 1: 

  • Husband lunch: leftover pizza, veggies, cookies, fruit cup
  • kids' lunch: fruit/apple sauce, veggies, curly pasta
  • Supper: 1/2 roast and all the trimmings, fresh buns (freeze some), pear crisp for dessert*

*although I rarely make desserts, we will use up our bag of pears in a pear crisp (recipe at end of post).

Monday Feb 2:

  • H lunch: roast beef on a bun, veggies and fruit, pear crisp
  • kids' lunch: buns, fruit and veg, and leftover pear crisp.
  • Supper:  beef stew, buns 

Tuesday Feb 3:

  • H lunch: leftover stew, veg and fruit
  • kids' lunch: a pre-arranged pizza party at our house with friends. I will do fresh veggies and smoothies along with cookies 
  • Supper: A huge sirloin steak (free from mom) will be used in beef stir fry, rice and noodles from my America's Test Kitchen Cookbook. Love it!

Wednesday Feb 4:

  • H lunch: leftover pizza, veg and fruit, puddings that need used up
  • kids' lunch: leftover pizza, veggies
  • Supper: Shepherd's Pie and Salad

Thursday Feb 5:
  • H lunch: Shepherd's Pie
  • kids' lunch: grilled cheese, fruit and veg
  • Supper: homemade fish and chips using fish that has been in the freezer awhile. Also Newfoundland Dressing and gravy (saved from the beef roast). *a note on making dressing: quite often when I make dressing, I make extra and freeze enough for another meal so we can have the special treat in a hurry!

Friday Feb 6:
  • H lunch: frozen pizza pops that I bought for when I'm too lazy to make a lunch :)
  • kids' lunch: leftover fish and chips
  • Supper: pulled beef sandwiches on fresh buns using a recipe I found at

Saturday Feb 7:
  • H lunch: pulled beef on buns
  • kids' lunch: wraps and salad and veggies
  • Supper: drumsticks in sauce with Rice and Green Beans from the garden (frozen)

And there you have it--a week of meals taken from the food available in my freezer and pantry.  I don't consider this a savings, because we are living off food that we have already paid for and that will be replaced. Where I feel I am succeeding is in that we are using up things that might otherwise go to waste--either through going past their expiration date, becoming freezer burnt or being tossed into the compost pit. Rather than using store-bought pork loin for pulled pork sandwiches, I am using meat that was available to us. Theoretically I should not have to buy groceries this week at all, unless eggs and milk run low. If need be, I can save money by not going to town for groceries (45 kms) and instead supporting a small town grocer that is closer. I have to go to that small town anyways so I can pick up any essentials then, but at the higher price anything that is not essential will have to wait for the week of Feb 8-14 to be bought in town.

Do you follow a menu plan, or how do you decide what you will cook during the week? Do you follow the specials or buy only what you have listed? 

Pear Crisp (adapted from my apple crisp recipe,
which came out of an old recipe book of my moms when I left home
a million or so years ago)

6 pears, peeled and sliced
6 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp sugar cinnamon my apologies to anyone who might've made this before I found my mistake!
3 Tbsp butter

-spread in small casserole dish and top with:

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup flour
1 cup brown sugar
8 Tbsp butter

-Bake at 350F for 15 minutes covered, 35 minutes uncovered.

Please Note: this is an old recipe and it is ALOT of sugar. I usually throw in extra apples or pears and reduce the amount of sugar (the original recipe actually calls for 1.5 cups brown sugar on top). This is just the recipe that I have, you really can't go wrong with sugar, fruit and cinnamon. But if you have a favorite recipe, adapt it to use up the fruit in your kitchen that is going to waste. The point for me is to not let the pears wind up in the compost. Enjoy!

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