Friday, 6 February 2015

On Not Getting Derailed

I love to host gatherings. If we can manage as a family to tidy the house, subdue the dust bunnies and clear the clutter, I do love to cook a big meal and enjoy it with family or friends. I fear, though, that I tend to go overboard and throw in a fancier  more labor-intensive menu from time to time and it tends to take the fun out of it for me. I spend my time frantic in the kitchen rather than visiting, and beyond that it usually ends up being more expensive.

Last year my mom didn't want an anniversary supper-we had enjoyed several family gatherings in a row and it felt unnecessary. This year I suggested a meal, she has agreed, and besides my parents there will be two of my brothers. Nothing fancy, and I'm resisting the urge to make it a bigger deal than it needs to be.

Right away I was inclined to run to town for ribs for a special meal. But I have taken inventory and there are chicken breasts in my freezer, so I plan to do something with those. I also want to use up the lettuce and vegetables that I bought the other day so they don't go to waste, so there will be a couple salads. Potatoes or rice? Also I have cream cheese left from my Christmas groceries. We will do something with that for a nice dessert. I will have a think on it and post what I came up with--on hosting a dinner without buying anything special. By not getting derailed this week, I hope that sticking to a grocery budget is becoming second nature. Do you normally get special groceries when you are hosting a dinner?


  1. I have learned over the years that if I want to enjoy my company, I keep it simple. I love making things in advance that I can just heat up quickly and serve with salad and some sort of homemade bread or biscuits. A bit of cheese and fruit or crackers to serve with a glass of wine beforehand and you're all set.

    1. Susan, you are so right! I vowed tonight that my next hosted meal will be a casserole with buns made earlier so that I can visit. It was a nice time, though, all the same--celebrating 45 years together (my parents). Thanks so much for stopping by; I appreciate the comment :)

  2. I like to keep things casual and not get in too much of a state buying and preparing special things. I always choose the easiest option now. I hope you have a lovely time. CJ xx

  3. I think you are right to keep it casual, CJ! I used to get so tense about hosting a big meal that my neck and/or back would get very sore. I realized a few years ago it was tension and I've managed to stop that part of it. Now I'm conquering the urge to go spend extra money...going well so far. Thanks so much for dropping in--great to hear from you!