Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tears for Angels

A tragic day in western Canada. 3 children were killed in a farming accident in central Alberta--every parent and farmer's worst nightmare. It is hard to know what to say in moments like these, other than to let tears roll and send thoughts of comfort to an unknown family so torn apart in grief, so far away, yet so much our very own neighbours.

Growing up on a farm is wonderful for children but it is not without its dangers. For all of us who remember playing around equipment or who have kids that do or who simply can imagine this anguish, today our thoughts are with them and all others who have lost a child. There is just nothing more tragic. I know the soft heart of the farmer and I know there are none left harvesting or hauling bales or cattle today that haven't shed a tear for these little angels gone too soon. May the family and community find their way through this loss. I leave you with some KD Lang, an Alberta girl herself. Peace xo


  1. oh my. i just heard the tail end of that story on the radio as i was getting in the car to come home from work.

    i can't even begin to imagine. not even.

    i wish the family and their community love and great strength in the days to come...xo

    1. Yes it's sure a sad story. Thanks for reading and sending your wishes j