Sunday, 18 October 2015

Carving Out the Time

Lately I am realizing that living a simple life takes time. All my priorities take time and patience; they require the attention span to see things through to the end. I confess, sometimes I flounder from one task to the next, and I've even wondered if it wouldn't be more "simple" to bring home that take-out meal, hire out some yard work, buy it rather than grow it, and for heaven's sake stop the laborious pastimes of preserving and making do.

If only it were so easy. When I bake my own bread I prefer to start in the morning and then work the raising/baking into the flow of other tasks during the day. On a really productive day we can be working outdoors while there are still things being accomplished inside, like bread raising or laundry washing. Yes it would be easier to dry clothes in the dryer when hanging them outdoors requires lugging them down a flight of stairs, but if I don't show my kids that it can be done they might grow up believing that it can't be done. And I don't like the thought of an entire generation of people that has never tasted home baked goods or worn crinkly drawers, I just don't.

Despite my best efforts today I got my buns started at 3:30 only to realize that we are invited to the farm for supper and waiting for the buns will make us late. Oh well, we will be late and bring buns. I have begun my (second) annual flurry of Christmas crafts to sell mid-November at a small local sale. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment but the disaster of felt and thread and beads and do-dads in my living room is making me a bit OCD right now. I really must get some sense of order restored. But, you see, it all takes time.

I could get my decorations at Walmart possibly for less than it costs me to make them, once I factor in my time. But I like the idea of a handmade item. Every year I buy some pottery from a local artist. She prices her things very reasonably and I now have 4 of her pieces--I like the idea of a neighbour or local person looking upon their Christmas tree to see a variety of the things I have built over the years. Every year I give some away and it brings me joy to see my work in the homes of my loved ones. It takes time, but it is worth the time.

I feel rushed right now. I no sooner complete a task than another rears its head or, worse, I must complete a task or two to even begin the job that needs the most attention. It's the impending threat of a snowfall that is here to stay...things need done outside but the house is driving me into my hibernation/mission of downsizing and decluttering. These walls need washed, the floors, the windows, the shelves have collected strange assortments of toys and sunglasses and things that just don't belong. More tomatoes are ready and I've been given some overripe apples--blessings, they are, I am so grateful to have plenty of food, but on I rush. It's making me feel pulled in every direction.

There is nothing like walking in the door from a playdate and having a child vomit in the porch to help one really prioritize the jobs for the day. Suddenly it is okay to concentrate on laundry and organizing the crafts and subduing the dust bunnies. There is nothing wrong with getting some indoor jobs done while a little boy rests on the couch. We can even work in some stories and a quiet game, and the world will keep on spinning. There is only so much time in a day but I have been reminded that the two reasons I live my simple life the way that I do--baking, gardening, building and reusing and making do--those two reasons sometimes need me to settle for just being mommy and leaving all the other job titles for tomorrow.

I've been wanting to do a mid-month update on some budgeting stuff and I need to figure out how to do the GST for Husband's company (EGADS! Me and numbers, it's just such a dreadful combination) in a way it adds to the sense that I will never be caught up and I will never have the time to do the things that I want. But I must carve out some time. I've whittled away at the number of blogs I read--even realizing one that I followed for years was actually bringing me down. It's important to reevaluate and really spend your time as though it was your money. Quality over quantity. With that, my boys await. I leave you with some birds and stars--I hope you are enjoying your weekend!
perhaps some day I'll figure out how to rotate these pictures. But not today; I haven't the time!


  1. What an absolutely lovely post Jill! The path you are on is bringing you happiness. But more importantly it makes you content. If all children could be raised in such a house, the world would be a much better place. Faster is just that - faster. No one should ever equate it to better. And too many who take short cuts in life often end up lost. Your path may not be a short one but it sounds like the right one for you :-)
    ~ Pru

  2. I can completely relate to your post, even though I am probably 30 years older than you. I do hope my blog is one that uplifts you and you will continue to comment. I, too, get overwhelmed many (no, maybe most) times. I want to do it all. You are raising your children in a way I would wish for all children. have reminded me, I must get started on some Christmas ideas. Love your felt ornaments...

    1. Thank you, Meggie :) Your blog is on my reading list and I enjoy catching the glimpses you show us. I feel there are many similarities between Saskatchewan and Texas, something I'd never have thought of without your photography. It's that big, big sky I guess! thank you for your comment; I appreciate your stopping by!