Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Packing Continues...

Oh how I dread moving! It is amazing how much a family can accumulate in a few and toys add a whole new element to the ordeal! We have had a productive week, however, with two truck and trailer loads hauled to the farm for storage and the house now has that hollow sound--proof that we are nearing the end of this enormous job. As well, we have now transported 2 loads of landscaping rocks to our land (more on that here).

It is now the slow goodbye. 3 year old has one more day of playschool, a last play date perhaps and one more trip to the library to drop off our books. Amidst the chaos I've managed to do some baking for friends and neighbours expecting babies. We will drop off the loot and have a little break from packing and cleaning. And then we will load the remainder of our things and we will be gone.

Like, the sweetest helpers ever!

As the pictures have come off the walls, this house has become a piece of our past. Now that our "comfortable" things (ie coffee tables, baby change table, desk, etc) are gone, I'm feeling relief that this portion of the experience is almost over.

Desk is gone...this little heap will probably get loaded tomorrow

 On one hand, the sooner we get out of this house the sooner we will be in the next one. I've had plenty of time to get used to the idea; in fact, it was always our "starter" home and our minds were never on staying here forever. But as I've discussed elsewhere, a couple became a family here and I'm finding it bittersweet to be in a position to move on to the home we've dreamed of. I think that the months between homes (staying in our camper and with my parents) will take the sting out of missing this home. We will be so glad to get into our own space we will probably never look back. But part of me is not there yet, and wants to hang on to this little house for dear life. Tonight when I put my boys to bed I snuggled extra-long, wanting to remember this just as it is. It is a good reminder, every day, to hold them close and savour our time together.

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