Friday, 10 May 2013

Settling In

We still have a trailer to unload. Husband has gone to move the camper to a park near where he will be working (about 2 hours from my parent's farm, where the kids and I will stay primarily). Our kids had a day and night here without us and it feels already like a routine is established. We played outside this morning til baby needed a nap, then once he was asleep 3 year old and I went outside and unloaded a bit from my car. I was astounded at how our possessions added up and we ran out of boxes, trailer room and time. Husband had to rush back this morning for the camper and to clean the fridge and remove a few last things that wouldn't fit. We. Were. So. Tired.

We need to turn our focus from the past and look to the present. Our acreage land and the grid road are drying nicely and a dozer should arrive this weekend to build a road in and pad for the house and garage to go on. The road is going to be further up the hill than we had thought, and we are both glad of it and think it will be beautiful once lined with trees. Speaking of those, sometime next week about 500 are arriving from Edmonton on the bus. A week later, 750 more! And then the real work begins! Have you got any tree planting to do this spring? Any advice?

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