Monday, 13 May 2013

Ground Work

Well life on the farm has been fun so far, for me at least :) I managed to get out helping sort cow and calf pairs to go to pasture while Husband was in charge of the boys. Sadly, 3 year old is sick now and Husband is returning to work, so I'm back in the saddle, as it were, mothering and holding down the fort.

I'm not unpacked (ie can't find the camera) so I don't have a picture of the freshly built road and pad for our house, but we visited it today after our trip to the doctor. Love it! Within the week we will be out planting trees and I spoke with the power company today: if everything goes well they say we will be getting our underground power mid-June. With a sick boy we didn't go look at the house today, but we are told the flooring is going in and cabinets will be installed in two weeks. I need to buy a few more lights and it seems like the house might be ready earlier than we had thought. I'm stifling the urge to feel like we might have things ready early and move in sooner than planned. Something is bound to come up to delay us. But considering 2 weeks ago we weren't sure when we would get through all the snow, things are really looking up!

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