Thursday, 13 August 2015

Total Frugal Fail: 08/11/15

Ah, sometimes I can't win for losing. A beautiful summer day, everyone was up and ready for town, we had all slept good, the kids were cooperating nicely (a trip to the splash park as collateral), and then I decided to print off coupons before we left.

On goes the TV. Curious George anyone? Mama just be a minute.

Ok coupons won't print using Chrome. Try Firefox. Bingo.

Must download Java. Downloading. Run to close windows so the house doesn't heat up while we are in town. Tidy the kitchen a bit and check printer. Break up a fight and Fire Up another George; mama's doing my best.There is a problem completing the print, no time now, change of plans if we go to Walmart I can get mulch for the flower beds and look for Simply Accounting or a program like it while also picking up a few groceries.

Off to Walmart. No mulch but potting soil is on for $2/bag. Let's scoop 3 and be ready for spring. Frugal and fantastic, no?

Ever onward. No accounting programs here at all, but the kids do find lots to ask for and beg for. I shall not relent I am on a frugal mission! Well, I justify the purchase of modelling clay as a sensory tool on these hot summer afternoons and some "get ready for kindergarten" workbooks because they are $3 and it beats trying to think of activities myself. So yes we are diverting from The Plan but soon I have us headed for the Groceries and we will be Done In No Time.

Wow, things are pricier here than Superstore....ok we can make it til next week on the butter we have...grab almond milk for the Allergic One although it's a buck fiddy higher. Oooooh toilet paper 30 rolls for $8, mama likes. Chicken legs are $7, but are these ethical legs? I can't think about that now because the Wild Ones are on the brink of revolt in the meat aisle...must make it to the ice cream cone at the splash park hangs in the balance. No more running, no pushing, let's find something for our picnic and get the haybones outta here...ah yes, of course the potting soil is $7/ bag, not 2 as the clearance sign promised, that's wonderful. Where can I leave that? Oh, I won't be needing the $8 notebook that was marked $3. Oh, you saw that it was marked $3? groovy. I'll take it.

Off to the splash park as promised. We had initially planned a free afternoon at the Bigger Better park in town but invited a friend who wanted to go to the small one by her house. So that the kids could also have ice cream after the splashing. Sigh. OK so it won't be free. Away we go. Friend has forgotten money but the Promise has been made and ice creams must be had. Budget is blown anyway so I indulge in an iced coffee. Teenager texts for a few minutes while we wait. It's 30 plus degrees and the Wild Ones are restless and must be subdued with more sugar (ya right!) and on she texts. No she grabs her purse and leaves the building. What the....! Oh, her coworker has all this while been filling ONE one-scoop cone. And on we wait. The iced coffee has half a cup of 18% cream in it, that's awesome. It is too late now to back out of the 3000 calorie drink. At this point I just want to go home and lay down...When the dust settles it is $16.50 for what was meant to be a free afternoon, after a morning of shopping which was meant to be supplemented by coupons and frugal wizardry. Which clearly it was not.

SIGH. Next time I shall do better! Have you had any frugal failures (or successes?!) lately?


  1. All the least my children are adults and on their own. It will get easier as they get older....laughing, and move away !

    1. LOL! And sadly I know that will be happening before we know it!

  2. Just love this post Jill! At least you can see the humor and you keep trying :-)

    1. Thanks Pru! It's so easy to blow the budget where kids are concerned...but occasionally I overhear my 5 year old talk about not wasting or "saving up" and I feel like there is hope after all! Thanks so much for commenting :)