Sunday, 30 August 2015

The End of August, 2015

September will be a month of growth. My 5 yr old, J, begins kindergarten on the ninth. I know it is the natural way of it; it is right to raise them to be independent and step out on their own. But today, today I wonder where it has gone. This boy that even in the womb I felt like I had always known, every wiggle and movement was familiar and meant to be, is 5 and beginning his journey away from me. It is my ultimate joy and my ultimate sorrow to watch him take that first step.

 It is emotionally intense to reach these milestones, as parents know. I don't wish the emotions away--I want to savour the feeling of still having him so close and wanting me to snuggle and read and play. And I want to feel every single tear slide down my face and the lump in my throat and I want to burn this feeling of helpless devastating love on my memory forever. Because life goes by too fast to not embrace its intensity. I am saying goodbye to the first part of our relationship together--the dependent baby is gone and I am only just realizing it. As he moves into a new chapter his younger brother, also, moves into the role of my only child at home everyday. My new sidekick to do all the things I had time for with J before O came along. Now O will have my undivided attention in a way that, sadly, he has never had. We are growing up, this little family.

It is less emotional, sure, but saying goodbye to a summer garden as the autumn weather and vegetables dominate also marks the end of another season of life. It is bittersweet to see the summer's labour come to fruit. It is not that I would want to have the summer heat last forever. But I am always melancholy to see it go.

Today I walked around the yard and took some pictures of the blooms that have hung in there. We still have good heat despite the shortened days. There was quite a bit of rain in August which is unusual but really brought on some growth.

I can't show a full picture of the pond because the edge hasn't been trimmed and the quack grass has grown up between and around the rock edging. I am all for authenticity and honesty, but it's just ugly.

So many sunflowers...They seem like ladies in the garden to me, heads bobbing in the breeze. I will always grow sunflowers.

These zinnias are from a seed packet, as are the bachelor's buttons to their right. I am always proud to point out that I grew them from seed. Sometimes my company is suitably impressed.


Deer sheds borrowed from a friend to keep the cats from using these raised rock beds as their litter. It actually worked great and for whatever reason the dog didn't steal them to chew. He has managed to dig up or chew almost everything else...

I do love these snapdragons. The little girl in me loves to see pinks and yellows together. This bed needs the edging finished (I haul rocks down from the piles up the hill, so it's an early spring/late fall job). Once the basement wall has been finished I want to fill this bed with hollyhocks and fox glove and lupins...

The peppers are on and await their destiny in various salsas. We have also been enjoying the heat of the hot portugals in chicken tikka masala and stir fries. So hot. So yum! The tomatoes are turning red slowly and soon will come the glut and the rush and the fatigue and eventually the basement will have tomatoes ripening in boxes and newspaper.

This apple is big, like, really big. The tree is only 4 feet tall (its second year). The plan is that the family will share this apple soon. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

Nasturtiums. I plant them every year. I began to doubt they would ever grow. I have them this year blooming in abundance-reds and yellows. In the above picture there is also volunteer cilantro that appeared as what I planted went to seed.

I didn't notice the grasshoppers on this sunflower until I added the picture. Her head is too heavy to lift anymore. The kids planted one each in their own little raised bed.

The gardening year is not over yet. I have weeds, so many weeds. I want to do a much better job this year of mulching and putting things to bed properly. Ideally I would like to start the year off without as much work, which means doing the work now while I can. But I've started a new quilt...and a little boy needs hugged and held and talked to and read to and snuggled and sniffed and I need to remember the sound and sight and smell of all of this. Savouring. This. Day.

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