Friday, 28 August 2015

A Lucky Find

Whenever I am in a thrift store I check for three things: real wooden furniture that I can paint or refinish, fabric (the more retro the better) and sealers. Recently I picked up a dozen quart jars (sealers) at the thrift store for $3. Compared to $12/dozen in the store it only makes sense. This morning I went to bring that box in from the garage and noticed one of the jars is a blue glass gem jar, made in Canada. 

Glass jars are hard to photograph. But I'm really happy with my morning's discovery. My new old jar now has a spot with some other favourites. 

Enjoy the day!


  1. Score!

    i have a single jar, very similar -- with the old glass top on it. i think i found it at a flea market in the Ottawa Valley about a hundred or so years ago. the glass is so much thicker than what they make now.


    1. Gotta love flea markets :) when I see cool old jars I can't help but think of the women that grew the food and preserved it for their families. It's also why I keep my granny's old cookbooks--a link to the past. Thanks for reading Mel!