Saturday, 17 January 2015

Flour Bag Follies

Yesterday we had a family day out. We took our recycling to a bottle depot about an hour away so that I could try to use a gift certificate that I've had for a few years. Knowing how tired the kids would be on the drive home, I grabbed my few groceries in that town so we wouldn't have to stop at our local supermarket on our way home. I have a lot of baking to do today (an excited boy has his fifth birthday party tomorrow), so all purpose flour was on my list. 

Generally I buy Robinhood flour when it is on sale, or yellow no name because it is cheaper. I've been making all of our own bread for months and really burn through a bag of flour nowadays. At the small discount grocer we went to yesterday, Robinhood flour was about $13 for a 10 lb bag. I try to buy it for under $10, so I bought the Safeway brand for $9.99/10 lb. I double-checked the bag for holes because it's becoming a real pet peeve to get home with food that has been slashed open by stock boys and their box cutters. The bag had no holes when we left the store. This is how it looked when we got it home:

No, we didn't drop it or drag it. A simple truck ride on the floor had several holes in the bag. As I attempted to pour the flour into my bin it tore down the side and I lost more flour all over my kitchen floor. 

In all, there were 5 or 6 holes in the flour bag and it split open trying to pour it. I was very annoyed that the company has sacrificed a usable package in order to make more money. The actual product does not cost less than other brands (it was cheaper than brand name in that store but right on par with most flour in this area). Putting their flour in a flimsy bag didn't save the consumer any money, it only taught me not to buy that brand of flour again. 

Have you had any annoying packaging to deal with lately?

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