Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Committing to Commit

Last year I began a new quilt. As spring approached I knew I wouldn't complete the project before it was nice enough to get outside and begin work on my as-yet-unfinished fish pond. The sewing machine was packed away, as was the material and the blocks that I had completed, with the uneasy feeling that it would be difficult to pick up again after a year. 

Yup. Turns out that is the case.

Today I'm attempting to pick up where I left off--not with much enthusiasm, more of a determination to complete the job. I find that loose ends leave me feeling dissatisfied and, left undone, this quilt will steal some of the pleasure from beginning a new pattern with new material (already purchased and waiting). I am committing to myself that I will finish the quilt top in the next few weeks, and learn to hand-quilt and bind the thing before winter's end. 

How about you? Have you finished any projects lately that you are proud of?

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