Friday, 30 May 2014

At Least The Rocks Are Free...

We have had some rain and, with it, a rest from carrying rocks and working outside. After a few days indoors, even the wind today couldn't stop us from fixing up the rock beds I started last fall. We had a million things to do so I decided it was easier to use some rocks where we were finding them rather than hauling them away. I started 2 raised rock walls and put a stone path between them. At the time, though, winter was coming quick and I didn't have time to build proper walls. I think I made a better job of it today, with a load of rocks from up the hill.

Just a few

The stone beds now connect to a small bed I built the other day
alongside the shed

From there you can see the stone well and, further
down the slope, the apple bed
 I have placed loose rocks between the raised wall bed and the one along the shed. I plan to fill that area right in with stones and end up with a cobblestone-effect once I fill the gaps with sand.

I can't get around having a downspout run across the stone wall (for now).
Hopefully we will solve some eavestroughing conundrums in the month of June.

My plan is to grow moss between the rocks and low-maintenance things in these beds once I find topsoil to fill them. I'm trying to stick to a budget and I am now content to wait a year or two to fill these beds with soil and plants I find in the wild. The nice part about these projects is they add instant personality to a new yard, and the rocks are free.

Do you keep to an annual budget for yard and garden projects? Do you receive many plants from friends and neighbours, or have you ever taken any from the roadside?


  1. I love that you're using the materials you have about the place, I can see that the rock beds are going to look lovely when they're done. I try not to spend too much on plants, and I look out for cheap ones at plant sales and where people sell them by the road.

    1. I would love to find a little roadside plant stand! In our old yard most of my plants came from friends or my mom, or end of season sales...there was sentimental value to them and I was sad to lave them behind. I brought some hen and chicks and a barren strawberry plant with me but neglected them last year and have returned them to the cycle of life (my compost bin). Will be on the lookout for some more next time I'm visiting friends :)