Sunday, 11 May 2014

All In A Day's Work

We have settled into a routine with Husband home and weather warm enough to work outside. Slowly but surely we are striking tasks off our (long) list. And as I strike them off, more tasks get added until it seems we may never finish. Indeed, that is the whole point, for our list is made up jobs that require us to work together, co-operate, be outdoors, connect with the land and nature...all of the reasons we moved here and began this adventure a year ago.

We were lucky to get several truckloads of free birch for firewood. Husband has been splitting it so that it dries without rotting, and stacking it in the trees near the garage. Initially we planned to build a wood shed this year, but we are undecided where to put it. We might wait til next year when we know what will be most convenient. I hate the thought of putting things in the wrong place because we are in a hurry to get things done!

Husband also stacked all the wood leftover from our garage-build. From that stash we used 2"x10" boards for two raised beds, and 2'x12" boards for the middle one. We used what we have on hand. The beds look small to me, but my garden at our old house was only productive at the west end (an area much smaller than these 3 beds combined. I also plan to plant my potatoes, corn and peas outside of the raised beds, so for this year I think we will get enough food from these 3 beds.

In the picture below, you might notice a layer of cow manure. The four year old and I have been busy collecting cow patties from the pasture. We also had a blast gathering earth worms out of the dirt I dug from my fish pond. Many were added to the garden beds, and many more to the compost pit. I fear the two-year-old may have dropped most of his during the delivery, but I'm sure the worms have found their way back into the earth by now ;)

We have had some very productive days working in our yard. There are moments with a four and two-year-old where it seems we might get nothing done--but this year is just an indication of things to come. As they get older the kids will stray further from my sight to build forts and climb trees, explore the little creek and climb the rock piles. I have a feeling I better enjoy having them under foot while I still can!


  1. Yes, you're right, enjoy their littleness while you can! You're making good progress even with your little helpers, the raised beds look great. I've always been surprised how productive they can be. It's a good idea to wait until you're absolutely certain where the right spot for a woodshed would be, it would be so annoying to put one up and then wish it was somewhere else. It's always sensible to take your time and be sure about things. I hope you guys all have a good week. CJ xx

  2. Thanks for reading CJ! Yes, the kids are at a "willing to help" stage, which may not last forever ;) And you are right, they get a surprising amount done for their size and attention span. And they remember to have fun while they do it (something I am guilty of forgetting when I am in my fifth hour of picking rocks!) Have a great week!

  3. It takes longer now when the littles help but they'll be so much more willing to pitch in and capable of doing more in the long run. And they grow so fast. My "baby" is going to be 21 soon.

    You're making great accomplishments!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Robin! Yes, the time will pass quickly and I know I will remember this stage very, very fondly. Everyday we discover something new outside--today we found a toy rhinoceros while planting trees. We have a marble collection that we have found in the soil, and even found a tiny tin tea cup that must have belonged to a little girl long ago. These are great memories.