Sunday, 18 May 2014

In the Garden

Today we had a major find in the garden--not as epic as coming across a new marble, but remarkable nonetheless.

By noon we had roto-tilled a potato patch and planted 3 rows of red potatoes (so much for keeping better records this year as I already forget what type and I threw out the bag before writing down the name). Also planted 10 raspberry canes, one apple tree and a hydrangea. I moved 6 hedge rose from where I planted all the extra trees last year, placing them downhill from my swale in hopes that their roots will bind the topsoil and prevent more erosion.

Before it began to rain, I turned the soil in two of the raised beds. I worry that one has too much clay, but I will try to amend with compost before planting. I am waiting to plant the rest of the garden until closer to June--it has been a cool spring and I don't want to lose anything to frost this year. There is much more to plant but rain is welcome. In the past few days of rain we have done more work in the basement and been pleased to see our lawn begin to grow.

Wherever you are this weekend, may you dig a hole and find an awesome rhinoceros (or the happy equivalent thereof). 


  1. An excellent find! You have been busy in the garden, it's very satisfying to sit back and let everything grow. We've had a sunny few days, so the rain will be very welcome here as well. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  2. Rainy days are a good chance to catch up on the work indoors--laundry, baking, dusting, etc that we neglect when we can work outside. I like the rhythm of turning my attention from one to the other--although sometimes it feels like nothing gets "completed" before I am on to the next thing. Add to that an unfinished basement and a garage just built but not organized....there's always something to do :) Thanks so much for stopping by CJ!