Wednesday, 3 February 2016

February 1 Grocery Shop

I made it!

I had promised myself that I would not give in and go get groceries until February. We ran out of a few things, and yet we survived. I borrowed a pound of butter from my mom (have since returned it) and she gave us some cauliflower. I'll get her something back eventually. We ran out of cream for coffee, which neither Husband nor I like to have happen. We like the 18% coffee cream and it is one of the few things we don't want to compromise on. But as it ran low I added some milk to the jug to help it stretch and we only had one morning of imperfect coffee :)

Speaking of coffee, it was on for $9.98, down from $13.98 per 930 g can. There was a limit of 4 cans per customer so I bought 4. Yes, I spent $40 on coffee this week, but if I was to wait until I was out of coffee and just buy them full price one at a time, it would have been $16 more. Also, I spent the required amount to receive $20 free groceries (which brings my 2016 tally of free groceries up to $40). I plan to use the free groceries if we are ever in a pinch or save them for special groceries at Christmas.

My February totals are going to show a skewed total for cleaning supplies. I bought 3 sets of tinfoil pans and filed them under cleaning since they are not food. That brought my cleaning total up by $11 which will seem like a lot spent on cleaning supplies when I am already fairly well stocked. The happy reason for the disposable pans is a new baby in the family :) I have a darling baby nephew now and I've been cooking up meals to send down to the new parents. Another purchase was a gift pack of razors with shaving gel for Husband. Usually his razors are about $20 for replacement cartridges (yikes!) but this pack had a new razor with 3 cartridges and a shaving gel for $20 and the kids had actually picked up a $3 coupon for it without my knowing it. They are becoming little frugal shoppers already ;)

I spent $271.59 on groceries on February 1st. I am more confident now that I can keep to my goal of $600/month (or less). The breakdown is as follows:

Cleaning: $32.67
Dry Goods: 138.47 (includes stockpile of coffee, bag of flour)
Produce: $28.33 (prices seem to be settling down)
Meat: $5 (we were given some beef by my parents so I only bought a $5 pack of sandwich meat)
Dairy: $44.86 (I got 2 800g blocks of cheese as they were on for $7.98 instead of $9.48. This cheese should last us most of the month. Although I do love me a cheesy casserole :-]
Health: $16.98 (razors)
Garden: (a new category!) $5.28 for seeds as I am attempting to sprout spinach and lettuce and bring down my produce spending :)

I feel so much more in control of my kitchen budget now that I am in the habit of checking the weekly flyers and coupon board at the store, menu-planning to ensure that I do not waste what I have purchased, and doing without the items that I would ordinarily go to town for and inevitably buy more than I had planned. Although I have almost spent the budget for the month, I have a good supply of rice, pasta, my own potatoes, and there is plenty of meat in the freezer. Most of what gets spent now will go towards fresh produce and dairy so I may possibly make it to the end of the shortest month with a bit of money leftover :)


  1. Yay! This is such an inspiring post. Plus a big Yay! for baby nephew :-) Hopefully mama+baby are doing well.

    You are doing so well tracking everything. This is really good because now you can keep certain dates in mind and see if they repeat (like coffee sale in early February). Right now for some reason all the stores around me grocery and drugstores/pharmacies are having buy-one-get-one 50% off for vitamin supplements. Things like that I like to remember.

    When are you going to see the baby?

    1. Thanks Pru! I'm getting more organized and it's so much easier to tell where the money is going. I really do owe you a big thank you because I have learned a lot reading your blog :) my mom is going to meet the wee lad this weekend but I'm going to wait until my husband has days off. I would like to leave my kids home for the first visit--they will be very disappointed but the new parents don't need the noise! I may also just leave them with my mom once she is back. It's a 5 hour drive so it would be cheaper to travel together. But I really want to focus on the baby and do a bunch of housecleaning and cooking for my brother and his wife while I'm there. I will take my boys next time :) the littlest one said "finally I will have a baby to feed and wook after!!"

    2. I just love when little kids are around a new baby. They say the funniest things! :-)

    3. I'm just glad they haven't asked how the baby got in her tummy...or how it got out! LOL!

  2. You've done brilliantly, and got some good bargains as well. I always stock up when there are offers, it really makes sense. I bought two 16kg bags of flour the other day! Free delivery and much cheaper than the flour I had been using. Plus it's locally milled and it's organic. I was so pleased. About three months' worth of bread there I think. Congratulations on the new nephew. You are a great sister to cook and clean for them, just what every new parent needs! I hope you have a lovely visit. CJ xx

    1. CJ, you've inspired me to look for local flour. Great to support our farmers and if it's cheaper too then that is even better. I can't wait to meet the new little man :) thanks for reading!