Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Batch Cooking, and Some Social Media Excitement

I feel like I've pulled out of the February doldrums that seem to catch up to me every year. I managed to get my baking done on Monday in spite of a crushing lethargy. Yesterday, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to get at 'er. Today, middle of the road after the dog barked from 4 in the morning until Gawd Knows When. I don't know why I don't just get up and get busy when my sleep is interrupted. At any rate, a slow start but I have not been deterred from "My List".

I wanted to get some frozen meals in the freezer--some for Husband who is working away from home right now but has the facilities to reheat home-cooked meals. I have also had a hankering for cabbage rolls of late--I confess I actually bought two batches at $9.99 each earlier this winter. I just don't seem to roll them right :(  Properly rolled or not, there are now two pans of cabbage rolls ready for my freezer.

O turns 4 on March 7th. I am planning another sliding party (if we still have snow) with a wiener roast  for the kids and chili and buns for the grown ups. Since he is not in school he just wants to invite his little buddy that we have play dates with, and I will ask a few family friends if they can come. If everyone's schedules co-ordinate we should be able to have some fresh air and fun outside. On a different day I plan lasagna, homemade bread and salads with my family (and of course cake and ice cream for both parties). Today I made the chili and lasagna to freeze, and portioned out some for Husband to take back to work with him. I find that doing the cakes and probably bread and buns as well as getting the house organized is enough to tackle for birthdays. Having a good portion of the food ready ahead will really help out.

While I was busy in the kitchen this morning a friend texted a "screen shot" of some pins that were on Pinterest under my name. These were fairly risque photography poses, as in sans clothes and very suggestive and sexual in nature!!! I near fainted in me cabbage. I only use my first name and first 3 letters of my last name, which another person with the same name has done as well but in ALL CAPS. There was a flurry of text messaging and a quick tutorial on "how to change your name on Pinterest". That other Jill sure does like to have fun, but I wonder if she has stocked her freezer with cabbage rolls and the like? At any rate, there's been a name change and friends on Pinterest will have to make do with the usual homesteading, thrifty and gardening type Pins for which I am known. That is unless they've dumped me for the more adventurous gal by the same name ;)


  1. Oh dear, I hope you've managed to distance yourself from the other Jill, you're probably right, there's doubtless nothing in her freezer at all. Well done on getting so organised, and I hope O has a wonderful birthday. Four is a very good age. CJ xx

    1. Distance has been achieved! That was more excitement than I need...thankfully I only have a few friends on Pinterest. The lifelong, loyal type who will probably never forget to tease me about my taste in photography LOL. Yes, four is good. As hard as I tried to memorize every moment of 2 and 3, the memories seem to escape and I am left a bit choked up and wondering how this is all happening so fast. My little one is doing all the big boy things now. Bittersweet! Thanks for stopping by, CJ!